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<outlaws> that's so gay

<joyrekz> speaking of gay

<joyrekz> i watched the gay pride parade on tv just to see some lesbians, is that wrong of me?

<outlaws> nope


urban13eatnik : I wonder. is there a feeling when you see a woman in porno and you're sure that she's someone you know?

BeHeMoTh101 : yes

urban13eatnik : what is it?

BeHeMoTh101 : it's called IKNOWDATBITCH

Lenny Kravitz - Black And White America

Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (2009)

Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process

Alizee - Psychedelices (2007)

Depeche Mode - 2011 - Strangelove [mixed by monotype]

Fatboy Slim 2006 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder

U96 - Best Hits

Eric Clapton — Clapton (2010)

Modern Talking - Best Of The Best (Remix Version) 2011

<luminosity> No wait... I can do better than that. they should develop a

             neural connection so I can sit here and not even have to move.

<martinb> sure. Can it write this requirements spec I'm working on, too?

<luminosity> Why the hell not?

<luminosity> While it's at it it can do my homework so I can concentrate on

             fun stuff.

<martinb> so get working on it!

<martinb> no, wait, recusion

<martinb> damn


<[S]evered> UT has shit framerate

<[S]evered> how do I fix it?

<stoldark> [S]evered: i believe UT has an uninstall option


Moonli3756 :  my butt looks 100 times better than your face

Shaboobooboo :  and gets fucked over 10 million times more


<Balli> I know a few sluts like that

<BadMojo> yeah

<BadMojo> welcome to germ city

<BadMojo> "hi, could I take your order please?"

<jaunty> this bitch needed her kneecaps reconstructed because she spent to long on them

<BadMojo> "Yeah, I'd like a lay with a side order of herpes and a super-sized case of the clap, please"


<cryterion> hooker fucking is an art.

<cryterion> you have to be able to do it with one arm up

<cryterion> and shave her pubes

<cryterion> while doing your business through shaving cream.


<Kaff> its saturday night. what are you doing here

<Kaff> i thought you'd have too much of a social life.

<spoob> Parts of me love interacting with other parts of me, but as a whole, I'm about as popular and loved as jamesm

<Kaff> oh. so you're a dead shit.

<spoob> Succinct, cruel, and accurate


Under the fence: if your mom were a farm animal, she'd be a sloth

Hobbes659: a sloth isn't a farm animal

Under the fence: damn it, theres gotta be a sloth farm somewhere around here


<z_evil1> what would be the good of a 3m dong? apart from the fact that you could only use the tip of it, not even that if it was in proportion, it would be reeeeal easy to get damaged, you'd have lag problems with sensations along it's length, and it would make you pass out upon erection :P

<z_evil1> mind you, you might be able to hang yourself with a 3m dong

<z_evil1> imagine that for a front page headline

<Bug> tie it round.. get an erection.. it'll do all the work..

<z_evil1> "IRC addicted freak hangs self with genitals"

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